About us

It all started in 2021, when covid season hit hard... I am Ashley Xayasane, 23 year old , owner of trippy tie dyes, and I created this business because I needed the extra money from struggling after high school w no job.. I've done all my research in everything to do with clothing such as graphic designing, screen printing, etc. & the one thing that caught my eye the most was learning how to tie dye..

Tie dyeing seemed like the most easiest and funniest thing to do, and it really is you can just throw some colors on a clothing and call that art..

I came up with the name trippy because all of my colors and design stay trippy, my themes are mushrooms & mushrooms are something people call trippy..

Currently my logo is a drippy tie dye mushroom, for most of my clothing I have available..

Trippy Ties Till I Dye...